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Dive into Adventure with Hanauma Bay Dive Tours! 

Embark on a journey beneath the crystal-clear waters of Hanauma Bay with a company that has been making waves since 2003 – Hanauma Bay Dive Tours! Discover the Beauty Beneath: Our experienced team has been leading snorkel tours, guiding beginner scuba divers, and thrilling certified divers with unforgettable experiences amidst the vibrant coral reefs of Hanauma Bay. Witness the enchanting underwater world teeming with schools of tropical fish, graceful green sea turtles, elusive octopuses, mesmerizing eels, and the majestic spotted eagle rays. It's not just a tour; it's a breathtaking encounter with marine wonders!


Discover Hanauma Bay with Our Guided Snorkel Tour - Unforgettable Adventures Await!

Indulge in the captivating world beneath the Hawaiian waves with our Hanauma Bay Snorkel Tour - a favorite among visitors to Hawaii. At just $109.00 for both adults and children, our tour ensures an immersive experience, with high-quality sanitized dry snorkel equipment, safety snorkeling vests, beach mats, lock boxes, and convenient roundtrip transportation from all Waikiki hotels in our new air-conditioned vans.

Tour Highlights:

  • Safe and enjoyable for all ages and experience levels.

  • Small group sizes with personalized attention (one instructor for a maximum of five students).

  • Convenient hotel pick-up times at 6:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m., with return times at 10:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

  • Expert scuba instructors as guides, knowledgeable about the best places to spot turtles and schools of tropical fish.

  • Exclusive access on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, even when the parking lot is full.

  • No tours on weekends and Hawaii State Holidays, ensuring a serene and intimate experience.

  • Hanauma Bay Snorkel Tour Video

Transportation & Gear Package

Discover the freedom of exploring Hanauma Bay at your own pace with our all-inclusive unguided snorkel tour! Dive into the vibrant underwater world armed with top-notch gear provided as part of the package. Forget the hassle of transportation—we've got you covered with convenient pick-up and drop-off from Waikiki hotels.

  • Explore Hanauma Bay at your own pace with an all-inclusive unguided snorkel tour.

  • Enjoy top-notch gear provided and hassle-free transportation to/from Waikiki hotels.

  • Prices: $50.99 for adults, $45.99 for children aged 12 and under.

  • Available Wednesday through Sunday.

Snorkel Gear and Beach Rentals

 Gear up for your Hanauma Bay adventure with our affordable equipment rental package! Snag top-quality mask, snorkel, and fins at a great price. Plus, explore more with our beach gear and cameras available for rent. Dive in hassle-free and make the most of your underwater exploration! Includes mask, snorkel, and fins for $18.99. Beach chairs, umbrellas, wetsuits, and more are available to rent for your convenience.

Turtle Canyons Snorkel Excursion

Embark on an extraordinary Turtle Canyons Snorkel Excursion along Honolulu's Waikiki Coast for just $75.00!

  • This 2-hour tour promises an enchanting encounter with Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles in their natural habitat.

  • Glide through crystal-clear waters and witness these majestic creatures peacefully floating above the vibrant coral reefs.

  • Our expert guides ensure a safe and immersive experience, catering to both seasoned snorkelers and families seeking a memorable adventure.

  • From spotting sea turtles to cruising along the picturesque Waikiki Coast, this tour offers a unique blend of marine marvels and coastal charm.

Check in at "The Beach" boat located at Kewalo Basin Boat Harbor, 1045 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96814, Slip A-9, and get ready for a day filled with excitement.

  • Our 43ft Custom Built Passenger Vessel provides a comfortable and shaded setting, accommodating up to 30 passengers.

  • Enjoy complimentary cold drinks, water, and light snacks as you explore Turtle Canyons.

  • Don't forget your cameras and swim attire for this unforgettable journey where every moment is a photo-worthy adventure.

  • Book now and dive into the beauty of Honolulu's underwater world, creating memories that last a lifetime!


turtle hbco

Discover the Depths: Hanauma Bay Scuba Diving Tours 

Are you ready to take your underwater adventure to new depths? Join us at Hanauma Bay Scuba Diving Tours for an unparalleled scuba experience amidst the breathtaking beauty of one of Hawaii's most iconic locations!

Unveiling Hanauma Bay's Hidden Treasures: Since 2003, we have been the premier choice for scuba diving enthusiasts seeking an immersive and unforgettable encounter with the wonders beneath the waves. Our expert guides will lead you through the pristine waters of Hanauma Bay, unveiling vibrant coral gardens and a kaleidoscope of marine life, including schools of tropical fish, graceful green sea turtles, and elusive eels.


Jul 2023 • Couples
our instructor Fumio was fantastic she took care of everything and took a lot of great pictures and video. I highly recommend this made our experience way better than It would have been if we tried to do this on our own
Written July 20, 2023

Jul 2023
Our guide Fumio was great! She guided our two kids snorkeling for the first time and they really enjoyed it. She had everything prepared for us at Hanauma Bay so once we arrived we changed into our gears quickly and headed for snorkeling.
Written July 9, 2023

Jun 2023 • Family
Excellent service. The guides were great. We saw so many varieties of marine life. It was great!! Guides were very knowledgeable

Jun 2023 • Friends
Wonderful! Definitely worth the extra money for a guided tour. We explored parts of the reef that I never would have had the confidence to swim to and our guide knew exactly where to see a variety of fish. She took the guess work and uncertainty out of the experience so we could just enjoy! Best part is that she took tons of pictures too. Great experience!

Madeleine L

Awesome snorkeling experience
Mar 2023 • Family
Dan is an excellent and attentive instructor for beginners. Our group consisted of children and seniors and yet he can accommodate everyone’s wishes. Also he took free underwater photos. 100% recommended.


Hawaii Snorkel Tour at Hanauma Bay on Oahu



DE 1


Explore the Wonders of the Ocean with Our Unforgettable Dolphin Snorkel Tour in Oahu!

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with our Dolphin Snorkel Tour, setting sail from the picturesque Waianae Boat Harbor on the west coast of Oahu. Join us aboard Nai’a I as we journey along the scenic coastline in search of spinner dolphins, capturing incredible moments as they perform their mesmerizing aerial stunts. Few experiences compare to the thrill of passively observing these playful dolphins in their natural habitat.

Our Dolphin Excursion Highlights:

Exclusive and Intimate Experience: Limited to only 15 guests per tour, ensuring plenty of room to relax and soak in the beauty of the marine world.

Year-Round Dolphin Sightings: Encounter multiple species of wild dolphins throughout the year, and witness the majestic humpback whales during the winter months.

Captivating Marine Life: Take stunning photographs of spinner dolphins, swim with tropical fish, and marvel at the grace of Hawaiian sea turtles.

Eco-Friendly Leadership: Abide by Federal Law guidelines to protect the dolphins, ensuring a safe and environmentally conscious open ocean safari.

Experienced Naturalists: Our excursions are led by seasoned island naturalists with in-depth knowledge of the Waianae Coast, enhancing your overall exploration.

Dolphin Excursion Details:

Departure Times:

7:00 a.m. Departure: Check-in at 6:30 am, return at 10:00 am.

10:30 a.m. Departure: Check-in at 10:00 am, return at 1:30 pm.


Adults (13+ years old): $180

Kama'aina/Military (13+ years old): $152

Children (4-12 years old): $135 (children under 4 not permitted)

What to Expect:

Feel free to pack your own food and beverages for the journey.

Snorkel gear is provided, but bringing your own is encouraged. You can also purchase a brand-new set to take home with you.

Immerse yourself in the magic of the ocean with our Dolphin Snorkel Tour, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Book your spot now and experience the beauty of Oahu's marine life like never before!


Hawaii Dolphins Snorkel Tour Video


Dolphin Excursion Video



Hanauma Bay Private Guided Snorkel Tour


Experience a personalized adventure with our exclusive private snorkel tour! Tailored for your private group, from one to five individuals, this tour provides a private instructor guiding you through an immersive underwater journey.

Perfect for experienced snorkelers seeking a faster-paced exploration or families with young children, this tour accommodates varying swimming abilities. Even if you're not a strong swimmer, our instructor customizes the experience to suit your group's comfort and pace. Explore a wider area at your convenience with this unique, personalized tour option.

Hanauma Bay Snorkel Tour Video

Maximum of 5 people per group
The guide will be with you the entire tour including in the water 
Equipment and transportation to and from Waikiki 
$654.00 per group


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CANCELLATION POLICY: A minimum of 48 hours notice is required to cancel any reservation. A full refund will be paid on any reservation canceled prior to this minimum notice. In the event of dangerous weather or ocean conditions, we may cancel your tour, you may choose to transfer your activity to a later date or receive a full refund.